Summer School

Fluid Dynamics of Sustainability
and the Environment

Ecole Polytechnique (Paris), 1-12 July 2019



Please send all enquiries to fdse@ladhyx.polytechnique.fr.

Scientific Committee:
Lutz Lesshafft (director Polytechnique) Ecole Polytechnique
Colm-cille Caulfield (director Cambridge) University of Cambridge
Alexandre Stegner (co-director Polytechnique) Ecole Polytechnique
Paul Billant Ecole Polytechnique
Jean-Marc Chomaz Ecole Polytechnique
Stuart Dalziel University of Cambridge
Paul Linden University of Cambridge
Caroline Muller Ecole Normale Superieure
Jerome Neufeld University of Cambridge
Sabine Ortiz ENSTA
Riwal Plougonven Ecole Polytechnique
John Taylor University of Cambridge