Summer School

Fluid Dynamics of Sustainability
and the Environment

Virtual event, University of Cambridge, 2021



FDSE 2017 at Ecole Polytechnique


The 2021 virutal programme will be made up of interactive lectures on fundamental and applied topics. Guest lecturers are invited each year to teach selected topics from the wider scientific, technological or societal context of sustainability and the environment. This year the lectures will be held live on a virtual platform, allowing two-way interction between the students and lecturers.
In addition to the lectures, we will hold a series of virtual dicussion and networking events to enable the students to interact with each other and with the lecturers.
Core lectures:

Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics Jean-Marc Chomaz
Environmental Fluid Dynamics Colm Caulfield
Renewable Energy: Hydro, Wind & Marine Riwal Plougonven & Alexandre Stegner
Atmosphere Dynamics Peter Haynes
Ocean Dynamics John Taylor
Cryosphere Grae Worster
Solid Earth Jerome Neufeld
Flow Instability Lutz Lesshafft

An additional set of lectures on applied topics will be announced soon