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Summer School
Fluid Dynamics of Sustainability
and the Environment

3-14 July 2017
Ecole Polytechnique & ENSTA campus


The summer school is designed for PhD students and those in early stages of their research career. The residential school, held over two weeks, will consist of :

Lecture courses - pedagogical courses covering the fluid dynamics relevant to sustainability and the environment
Guest lectures - advanced topics
Laboratory experiments - project-based investigations of fluid flows
Computational projects - numerical simulations of fluid flows
Art & Science projects - projects with artists to create art pieces using fluids

Movie of the 2013 school

Lecture courses
Fundamentals of fluid mechanics
Flow instabilities
Environmental fluid dynamics & cryosphere
Atmosphere & ocean

Guest lectures
Climate change
Ocean dynamics
Atmospheric dynamics
Renewable energies


Paul Billant
Pascale Bouruet-Aubertot
Lucie Bordois
Colm-cille Caulfield
Jean-Marc Chomaz
Olivier Doare
Olivier Gagliardini
Peter Haynes
Lutz Lesshafft
Paul Linden
Caroline Muller
Sabine Ortiz
Didier Paillard
Riwal Plougonven
Catherine Ritz
Guillaume Roullet
Alexandre Stegner
John Taylor
Vladimir Zeitlin

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